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What's Next for CCR?

At the moment, I've put CCR on hold, due to this being exam week. Once exams are over, updates should resume as normal.

Though I'm happy with the way the blog is now, I still feel it could be better. I've discovered several more reliable websites since the existing posts were made, which means they can be updated with more content.

More importantly, CCR has already covered many of the more-discussed, easy-to-defend beliefs of Catholics. More and more, the topics which I would like to cover are either extremely broad with many angles to cover (abortion, gay marriage), or are not discussed as often, meaning finding reliable links, especially videos, is more difficult (guardian angels, etc). This means updates may be appearing less than daily.

In addition, I am still not sure whether this blog should be targeted towards Catholic apologists, or Catholics in general, or other Christians and everyone else as well. Should it just be an encyclopedia of Catholics beliefs or just those things which frequently come under fire?

Should I make another small image to indicate which links are Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur? Or would that just be confusing? Should I include links which contain very similar content?

Those are my thoughts for now. CCR isn't going away, but as it grows, these decisions will have to be made at some point.

May 17 Update: Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur links will say so, but they won't get their own little image. I've updated some of the links, but not all yet.

May 19 Update: The target audience of this blog will be Catholic apologists. Therefore, I won't post links which may be relevant to a topic, but not to defending that topic (For example, speeches and homilies which do not help a person to better understand, explain, or defend a belief).

Links directed towards non-Catholics will likely be placed in the "See Also" part of each topic's page. If I find enough such links for any one topic, especially Homosexuality or Abortion, I'll group them together.

I also will focus primarily on the Catholic beliefs which fall under attack - CCR won't become a big blog of everything Catholic.

God bless,

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