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How to Use CCR

Clear Catholic Resources (CCR) was created so people interested in learning more about Catholicism can quickly find the information they're looking for, without worrying about accuracy. CCR is actually a blog, but with a few differences. The following should help you with navigation and finding specific topics.

3 Ways to Find What You're Looking For
1. The Home Page
The home page ( contains a long list of categories, with relevant topics below each one. Every page on this site can be found somewhere on the home page. Click "Clear Catholic Resources" or "Home" at the top of any page to return to the home page.
2. Labels
In the right column is a list of labels. Click on one to see all the pages relevant to that label.
3. Search
There's also a search box in the right column. Search for a word, and you'll see all the pages on the site containing that word.

If CCR doesn't have what you're looking for, you can click on "All Apologist Websites" under the search box. This lets you search numerous Catholic apologist sites all at once. At least one of them should have what you need.

After You Find a Topic on CCR
Links on a topic's page are grouped by their content. Some provide a basic understanding of the topic. Some provide more specific information. Others contain only Bible verses or quotes from early Christians.
Lots of links have small pictures next to them (INTRO COMPLETE QUICK VIDEO AUDIO). These pictures provide more information about each link. You can see what they stand for at the top of every page.

Video and audio links (VIDEO AUDIO) will have their length in minutes displayed.

Resources connected with certain websites will have the site name shown in parentheses.
Already-Visited Links
Links to pages you have not visited will appear bold, so you won't accidentally visit resources you've already seen.
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