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The Existence of God

Does God exist? Can God's existence be proven by reason alone, or is faith absolutely necessary? While the Catholic Church has said that God can indeed be believed by logic and reason, this does not mean He can be proved by science. Many philosophers have developed intriguing arguments in favor of God's existence, ranging from physical reasons to moral and philosophical ones.

  • Atheism's Gods - On the origin of life, and unconvincing answers to Christianity's claims; by Bobby Jindal (
  • An Atheist Just Doesn't Get Aquinas - Looks at some of the misunderstandings by Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion; by Christopher Kaczor (
  • The Pillars of Unbelief - Sartre - Answering Jean-Paul Sartre, whose uncompromising form of atheism could make atheists uncomfortable; by Peter Kreeft (
  • Does God Exist? - A debate between Apolonio Latar and James Stephen Brown (
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